Bread On The Waters (BOW)

Listed below you will find a wonderful selection of tracts (religious messages) that I believe will bless you, encourage you, instruct you, help you, and challenge you. Many are great for distribution for evangelism purposes.

Several tracts (scanned) and placed on a web page

The Dynamite In Tract Evangelism
A web page encouraging you to use tracts in your ministry.

The White Rose Tract from Moments With the Book
This tract was personally handed to my wife at a truck stop in Northern California. It is powerful and good evangelistic reading. Moments With the Book ministry has more tracts for you if you visit their website.

Are You Keeping At Your Work Tract
If you are a pastor, minister, priest, or Christian worker who is facing persecution, tough times, or discouragement, then this is must reading for you.

His Last Thanksgiving Day In A Lumber Camp
A Tract by Pilgrim Tract Society.

Chick "Comic Book" Tract Booklets

Chick "comic booklet" tracts about Halloween
Learn about Halloween through several Chick tract booklets.

Chick "comic booklet" tracts about the religion of Islam
Learn about the religion of Islam through several Chick tract booklets.

Love Israel
Chick "comic booklet" tracts encouraging each of us to love Israel, it's God, and it's people.

The Curse of Baphomet
A Chick "comic booklet" tract about the religion of the Freemasons.

5 Chick "comic booklets" exposing witchcraft

Gospel Tract Society Tracts
(some samples for you to order)

Grown men in Asia read comics. This is one way to reach them with the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel Tract Society has a great new comic book printed for evangelism purposes. Be sure to order a nice supply for the evangelistic outreach in your area. See the Gospel Tract Society website for details and be sure to include a generous contribution to them when you order their material. Bread On The Waters (BOW) does not print leaflet tracts.

BOW does not send out leaflet tracts. If you need leaflet tracts please contact Gospel Tract Society and order leaflet tracts from them. Gospel Tract Society has a website where you can order tracts from them via the internet. Please send them a generous donation if you order their tracts...below are some tract samples from them that you might want to order.
If you want to order via mail- their postal address is as follows:

Gospel Tract Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 1118
Independence, MO 64051

Here are some sample tracts published by the Gospel Tract Society:

The Lonely Cabin on the 40 Mile Who Taught the Birds?
A Question God Cannot Answer Praise Changes Things
7 I Wills Have you lost your first Love?
A Message On Hope titled "Victory" The Power Of A Positive Praise Life
A Smile "More Than Conquerors"
How's Your Faith Standing The Strain? Nothing Is Hid
The Story Of The Pawned Book Rules For Your Bible Garden
God's Stop Signs Why Not Just Run Away?
Put On The Whole Armour of God Our Throne Rights
Where To Look In The Bible Missing Heaven By 18 Inches
A Love Letter to You from Jesus Children's Gospel Coloring Pages

Here are additional tracts from GTS that I recommend that you purchase from them:

The Rapture or the Great Tribulation As it was in the days of Noah
Trapped (by David Wilkerson) They shall be white as snow
Tougher than nails Do Planets Rule Our Lives?
Mysteries of God's Creation Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?
Armageddon Effective Prayer
The Day of the Lord is Coming Come Closer
Precious Blood Be of Good Cheer!
It's Time We Were Afraid All Eyes Are On Israel
Minced Oaths Are You Born Again?
How To Be Born Again The Blood Is a Witness
What Is That Thirst In Your Life? The Last Prayer Meeting
The Middle East in Bible Prophecy Redeemed by the Blood
Jesus Saves! First Bind the Strongman
Beautiful Snow Blemished Bride
What It Is to Believe on Christ So you're Going to Wait?
Little Foxes Antichrist: who he really is
The Fortune Teller Intervention of Another Kind
The Morning Watch You are invited to the Great Open-air Meeting!

The writings of David Buttram
The late David Buttram was the head of the Gospel Tract Society for many years. He had some great articles and writings to share with you. His name and writings used with permission.


Note: These tracts are written by Kraig J. Rice. Click on the title of the tract you are interested in reading. Please feel free to download any of Kraig's tracts, photocopy them or have them printed, and then share them prayerfully and evangelistically with others. It is possible that others can get saved this way.

Abortion- An International Evil

Battered Armour

Belief and Acceptance

Deceivers Will Come to You

Great Truths From The Bible

Love's Affectionate Devotion

Want Peace In A Stormy World?

What About Your Life?

Will You Be High At The Judgement Day?

Miscellaneous Tracts

Gospel Tract Distributors (GTD) Gospel Comic booklets
      (these are the old original Life Messengers booklets)

Publish or Perish Tract

3 Open Door Ministry Tracts

Dean Sherman's Tract

Billy Graham's Christian Living Tract Booklet

Tracts in Foreign Languages

Index to foreign language tracts

Web Page Translation Programs
If you want the information on any of my web pages translated into another language then you can use one or more language translation programs available free.

God will bless you as you continue to work for Him!


July 7, 2007