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A free Sunday School booklet (scanned) for adults to help study the bible

About The Passion of the Christ movie
Have you completely understood Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ? If not, here are some of the reasons for what happened on that day.

Take The Holiness Test
For the fun of it- test your knowledge in regards to your holiness to God. I also have a little teaching and instructions here about conservative holiness Christianity.

Discipleship Dynamics
For the fun of it- test your knowledge of God's holy word, the Bible.

A Bible Study About Forgiveness

The imprecatory prayer
An imprecatory prayer is a prayer for punishment but forgiveness is better...

The Humanists and Education in the U.S.A. by Kraig J. Rice

Awesome Writings (including What Is Life?)

How to Handle Persecution

Mountain Movers Magazines (scanned missions articles)

Jesus built us a bridge
with two boards and three nails



Ministerial Encouragement
If you are a discouraged pastor, pastor's wife, or Christian leader then this article may help you.

Encouragement For A Suffering Christian
There are a lot of hurting people in the world. If you are a suffering Christian then you will obtain comfort from God the Holy Spirit and from His word.

You Are The Prize
You are valuable to God. Read just how much...

7 I Wills
A brief tract on encouragement from the Gospel Tract Society.

Hope article
Do you need hope right now? Maybe everything seems to be against you...
Here's an article that may just be "right up your alley."

Tell Me Another One (testimonies of God's Guidance)

God reckons our service
not by our ability
but by our willingness



Tips on How to Overcome Loneliness

A Testimony of how one healed from repressed painful childhood memories

A house is made out of brick and stone
but a home is made out of love alone


Substance Abuse Index
Learn about illegal crystal meth or "speed" and what it does to the human body. Also alcohol consumption is a problem. Many in America have a problem with this drug. Also facts About LSD. Also facts about marijuana.

Hamsters Are Fun
A brief guide pertaining to hamsters.

The Art Of Collecting Sports Cards
A beginner's guide to this wonderful and rewarding hobby.

Plastic Embedding As A Hobby
How to embed specimens in clear plastic.

The Fun I Had On My Vespa Motorscooter
You can have fun too.

The Tea Drinkers Guide to Good Health
It's a good feeling to be healthy and happy.

Stamp Collecting As A Hobby
A beginner's guide to this fun and rewarding hobby.

Nuclear Attack Information
Good tips on how to survive when a nuclear bomb is detonated.

Tips on How to Reload Your Own Ammunition
Save money if you reload your own rifle, pistol, or shotgun shells.

How to store food

Thomas M. Rice article
This is not only a genealogical article but also one in regards to early Ohio and Texas history.

The PH of Alkaline and Acidic Forming Foods

The root
determines the fruit

Chick "Comic Book" Evangelism Tract Booklets

  • There is a nice selection of these booklets listed (click here)

    A Harmony of the Gospels

  • A Harmony of the Gospels

  • Web Page Translation Programs
    If you want the information on any of my web pages translated into another language then you can use one or more language translation programs available free.

  • The writings of David Buttram
    The late David Buttram was the leader of the Gospel Tract Society and did some wonderful writings for the Lord

    Articles From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

    Articles on this website and also on theirs

    This link index presented to you by the Bread On The Waters Ministry
    of Kraig Josiah Rice

    The Battle Bow Bible Teaching Series

    If you want to study the Holy Bible online then this is the place to go to. Learn how to overcome discouragement and be victorious through the trial of your faith. Click on the above link.


    July 14, 2007