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Islam Moslem "Comic Booklet" Tracts by Chick

Chick Publications has a nice selection of tract booklets for Christians to purchase and distribute to those who are lost. They have many good comic type booklets that are very effective. You can view their complete listing at All of their booklets are copywrited so please order from them rather than printing your own.

Here are some of their booklets that deal with the subject at hand:

I now quote from the Chick website:

Who Cares?

"Omar was mistaken for a terrorist, and nearly killed. But a good Samaritan not only showed human kindness, but taught him that it is only through Jesus, not Mohammed, that he can have eternal life."

Men of Peace?

"Muhammad ended up in the same place as everyone else who rejects Jesus."

The Little Bride

"Protect children against being recruited as Muslims. Little Susy explains that only Jesus can save them."

Allah Had No Son

"The Allah of Islam is not the God of creation."

An Article
"Only love works peace between Arabs and Jews"

How to witness to a Muslim

More information on the religion of Islam

Gospel literature in the Arabic language

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