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  • A Physician Looks At Jesus´┐Ż Death by David Naquin
    This is a graphic description of Jesus' death on the cross. You can read here about how much Jesus Christ loved you by what He endured on the cross for you. And remember, He came out of the grave and is a resurrected saviour who loves you today just as much and just as intensely as when He died in your place on that cross.

  • Historical Notes On The (In)comparable Christ by Edwin M. Yamauchi
    Was Jesus Christ the divine Son of God or simply another religious teacher? Read this article to find out.

  • Come Fly With Me by Lane G. Adams
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Maybe you will get your answers here...

  • Saints and Self-Worth by Craig W. Ellison
  • The Resurrection of Christ by Leighton Ford
  • Religious Addiction by Stephen Arterburn
  • Sex and Singles Article by Dean Sherman
  • Sexual Temptation article
  • Missionary Articles (AOG)
  • A philosophy article
  • The writings of David Buttram (AOG)
  • Measuring the brain waves of a dying person
  • The Advantages of Being a Christian
  • The Raven (poem) by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Tell Me Another One (God's Guidance)
  • An adult Sunday School Booklet (scanned)
  • Mountain Movers Magazines (scanned)
  • Guideposts Treasury of Faith Articles

    Articles From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

    Articles on this website and also on theirs
    Check out these articles
          Gather Grain or Chase mice? (don't get sidetracked), Are Your Children Spiritual Couch Potatoes?,
          Do We Have A Vision of the Harvest Master?, Great Commission Recruitment,
          God Can Do More Than You Expect (article), Prayer and Healing (pray for one another),
          Now Is Too Soon (one of my favorites)

    My Favorite Evangel Articles
          Why God Had To Become A Man, Take Up Your Cross, and Giving Crooked Legs to God
    There are several good articles in these 2 Evangels- check 'em out
    Find out how children are like lambs

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    AOG stands for Assemblies of God

    The Battle Bow Bible Teaching Series

    If you want to study the Holy Bible online then this is the place to go to. Learn how to overcome discouragement and be victorious through the trial of your faith. Click on the above link.


    July 26, 2007