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Bread On The Waters (BOW)

  • Emotional Issues (Page 1)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder article
  • How To Deal With Holiday Stress
  • God's Stop Signs (purity) article
  • Overcoming Fear In Your Life article
  • Tips on How to Overcome Loneliness
  • A Look At Biblical Love
  • Leaflet containing an article on depression
  • A Testimony of how one healed from repressed painful childhood memories
  • Depressed? Learn From A Prophet- an article on Depression
  • What I Learned On Summer Vacation (an example on how to shun pornography)


  • Sexual Addiction
  • Religious Addiction


  • Shifting the Burden (anxiety article)
  • Equipped With The Sword article


  • Encouragement For You
  • Hope article
    Do you need hope right now? Maybe everything seems to be against you...
    Here's an article that may just be "right up your alley."


    Forgiving Your Parents article (abuse)
    Forgiveness (a short poem)
    Merlin Carothers on Forgiveness
    A Bible Study About Forgiveness

    Sex Issues

  • Sex And Singles Article By Dean Sherman
  • Sexual Temptation article
    Articles on lust, purity, premarital sex, and homosexuality
    How homosexuality can be overcome

    Ministerial Issues

  • Do you have an identity crisis in the ministry?
  • Feel Like Running Away From It All?

    You Are Special Articles

  • You are special
  • Saints and Self-Worth Article

    Searching For Something To Fulfill

  • This lady was searching for something but didn't know what
  • Did God send you? article
  • How to find peace in your heart

    Self Esteem Articles

  • Criticize Less Praise Often article
  • Imprinting Inferiority article

    Articles Regarding Love

  • BOW Love Index Page


  • Get the Root (article dealing with bitterness)
  • The Key To Freedom (article dealing With bitterness)

    Lots of Articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

    Check out the articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s)
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    An article on how to overcome fear (in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine)
    "But If Not" article- (faith in spite of death)
    There are several emotional articles in these 2 Evangels including:
        Spiritual Winter (burnout, discouragement, chronic fatigue); Emptiness (God is the cure);
        Delay Can Be A Sweet Thing (delay does NOT mean denial)
        Don't Let Your Hopelessness Win Over Your Sincerity

    The Pentecostal Evangel Magazine online has some articles:

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  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Article on Incest At Last Days Ministries



    July 26, 2007