Kraig J. Rice
Bread On The Waters (BOW)

Redemption (Being Saved)

  • Article on reconciliation
  • A salvation tract
  • Salvation Testimonies
  • Missing Heaven by 18 inches article
  • Do you still have your first love?
  • Re-dedication article
  • No Christmas Without Him article
  • "A Redemption" poem
  • A Gospel tidbit on redemption
  • The Assurance of the Believer
  • The Lion, the Lamb, and the Blood article
  • An adult Sunday School booklet (scanned)
  • How To Be Saved article
  • A Time Line of Biblical History
  • If Satan owns you then it is time for you to change sides

  • "Just Him" article
    Feel like throwing it all away? Why? Maybe it's because of a loss in your personal life. Well, tie a knot in the end of the rope and hang on for dear life. Others have tread where you are now walking and they kept their faith...

    Links to free ICI online Bible Study courses
          that cover all major theological studies


  • The Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)
  • Speaking In Tongues
  • Pentecostal articles on the Biblical Topics page


    The study of Jesus Christ (His life, His teachings, His miracles, His death- all on one webpage)

  • Jesus Christ Is Immanuel article
  • Christology articles on the Biblical Topics page

    Theological Articles from the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine:
    (take a look)

    The Ultimate Destiny of the Church article
    Are You Ready? (rapture)
    King of Kings and Lord of Lords article
          also the difference between the old and new cross of Christ

    "When one door closes, another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us"
    -Alexander Graham Bell

    Healing Scriptures booklet by Oral Roberts (is healing for today?)
    Tenney's Bible Commentary on the Gospel of John (free download)
    A Bible Study About Forgiveness
    Theological Word Studies
    Substitutionary (Atonement) article
    Law Versus Grace article
    What's Your World View?
    Are God's Covenants Important?
    Transubstantiation article
    "Loving the lost and getting closer to God" article
    Definition of a Christian
    The imprecatory prayer
    A Harmony of the Gospels
    Help In Proving the Existence of God
    The Danger of Self Will versus Surrender to God


    July 26, 2007