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Some Advice for Parents The Christian Family and Television
Taming Your TV article Sexual Temptation article
Sex and Singles Article by Dean Sherman Helping Your Neighbor
Forgiving Your Parents article Spanking is Rarely Necessary to Punish Children
A Bible Study About Forgiveness

Jewish Marriage Info during the time of Jesus
A Marriage Built On Commitment Can Weather The Storms of Life by James Dobson
A Testimony of how one healed from repressed painful childhood memories
The Lester Buttram Family- an good example of a Christian family
Healing Scriptures booklet by Oral Roberts (the healing of relationships)

Lots of Family Related Articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

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There are several articles in these 2 Evangels
      (on marriage, getting married, marriage problems, and love relationships)
There are several parenting articles in one of these Evangels
There are several family/parenting articles in one of these Evangels
What to do if you are a single senior, or, if your husband leaves you
An article on family devotions in this Evangel
There are several articles in these 2 Evangels
      Healing The Hurt Of Adultery (article), Prevention Is Better (than adultery),
      10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage (advice), How To Make Your Family Altar A Lifestyle (tips),
      God Can Help You Be A Good Parent

"Marriage As God Meant It To Be" article in this Evangel
7 Tips How To Make Your Husband A Better Father
There are several articles in these 2 Evangels
      Working Through Marital Conflict (10 points); Your Wife Needs Your Shoulder (article)
      13 Consequences of A Divorce; Help Someone Who Is Going Through A Divorce

Here is an article by Mrs. Billy Graham; also an article on the Role of Sex in Marriage by David R. Mace. These articles are from Guideposts: Treasury of Faith. I now quote these articles:

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July 26, 2007