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If we say we cannot afford to evangelize the foreign field because of the cost, then we should consider what the first apostles paid for reaching their world. They gave of their money but also of their faith, courage, vision, and prayer. Most forfeited their lives...

Articles Related to Missions

Missionary Articles (page 1) You have to be tough as nails to be a missionary
The Advantages of Being a Christian

A Red Chinese student found Christ

The Cat Who Came To Church article  

Are you working for Peanuts? article (get out of your comfort zone and work for Christ)

4 old Mountain Movers Magazines (scanned)
(missions articles on El Salvador, Austria, Ireland, Philippines, Mexico, Muslims,
Taiwan, Burma, Honduras, Cuba, Togo, India, Eritrea, and Mali)

Missionary Poems

"The Macedonian Call" Poem
The Great Unsung Missionary Force


"Will you not pray for us? Alone we stand

To stem the awful tide of sin and shame,

To cast out demons in the mighty Name

Which is alone the hope of every land.

Pray, pray for us! We are but vessels frail;

The world's appalling need would crush us down

Save that in vision we behold the crown

Upon His brow who shall at length prevail!"

�Christ Life

"The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword." Hebrews 4:12

Missions Articles From Pentecostal Evangel Magazines
(take a look)

He Wouldn't Give Up Article
Zulu and Yugoslavia (missions)
Australia and Indonesia (missions)
3 articles on Poland (missions)
Several articles in these Evangels on Africa missions
An article on East Africa missions
An article on Indonesia missions
An article on Thailand missions
Articles on East Africa missions, Iraq (Kurds), Thailand, and Cambodia
Philippines and also various home missions articles
An article on Africa's children
Articles on Ecuador, Argentina, and Canary Islands missions
Articles on Eastern Europe and Russia
Romania, Namibia, and Central Asia missions
South Pacific Islands, Malawi, and about Mary Juanita Smith (Japanese missionary)
Martyrs in Iran
Mexico, Child Evangelism In Czechoslovakia, Neuquen, Argentina
Hong Kong, Mozambique Missions Stories, Radio Evangelism for Russia (1990)
(AIM) El Salvador, and a church's musical outreach to Russia
Tract Distribution In Colombia
Testimony (Philippines), Missions In Zaire and Kenya (Africa), Hill Of Crosses in Lithuania
Articles on Peru and Russia missions
There are several missions articles in these 2 Evangels including:
    True Riches (Belgian missions); Articles On India and Cambodian Missions;
    About Elva Johnson (Kentucky Mountain Missions); Growing In God Behind Prison Walls (Africa missions)

A Special Needs Kid (India missions); Country Church City Harvest (inner city ministry)
Articles on China missions; About Missionaries And Their Sacrifices
Praying People Open Doors (Senegal missions)
Several Articles on Guyana Missions
Several Articles on Iran Missions (including martyrdom)
God Was In The Tent (South Africa missions)

It is unlikely there will be
A reduction in the wages of sin

July 26, 2007