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You can translate any of my web pages into other languages rather than English. How? By using any of 3 or more translation programs. Below are links and information on where to find these on the world wide web along with a few tips.

If you wish to use the Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean translation options you may need to have the characters for these languages installed on your computer. You can get these characters from the Microsoft web site. Please go to:
type in the words
chinese characters
Japanese characters
Korean characters
in the search slot to obtain your free downloads for this.

Clicking on the links below will take you off of the BOW website to other websites so please be sure to bookmark or add to your favorites this page so that you can return here again in the near future:-)

Yahoo Babel Fish:
Go to the Yahoo Babel Fish Translation Program

Go to the Yahoo Babel Fish for Chinese translation

Help for the Babel Fish Program

Other Online Translation Services: Google provides free translation from English into several languages:

The Google Translator Program This site provides free translation from English into several languages.

The Free Translation Program

The Altavista Babel Fish Translation Service

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