Children's Gospel Coloring Pages
(from Gospel Tract Society)

Gospel Tract Society has some wonderful crayon or water coloring "tracts" for your children or grand-children to play with. While they are playing they are also being reached with the Word of the Lord at the same time. Public school teachers in the United States might want to think about using these tools to influence their students for Christ. Here are some free samples for you to use if you desire to print them out for your personal use. Additional paper tracts can be ordered from the Gospel Tract Society and please remember to send a generous financial contribution to them when ordering their tracts as they are a faith based ministry.

Note: if you want to print this "Be Thankful" game coloring sheet from Gospel Tract Society so your children or grand-children can play it and/or color it, you might have to tape the paper pages together as the printing will go over 1 page in length:-)

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