True Christians are called upon to boycott ion television and it's sponsors.

If you want to collect honey
don't kick over the bee hive

Why? What's this all about?

It appears that this tv network started off as Pax Television owned by a Christian but now is owned by a bunch of pagans. They are airing Hollywood movies that use the name of Jesus Christ in vain and/or God's name used in vain. This is disgusting. I tried to watch a few of their movies but had to turn them off because of it. I emailed them with my complaint and threat of a boycott but they "blew me off" and increased their showing of movies backing the devil's agenda.

It appears their agenda is to have their spiritual rebellion come right into the homes of American Christians via the movies they show to influence the behavior of children who watch these movies filled with profanity.

So, what's the big deal? You have to expect pagans to act like pagans, right? Yes, but Christians do NOT have to watch their movies and Christians can act like salt and light-   like the Lord told each of us to do to help hold back the moral corruption of our society. We can do this by boycotting ion television and it's sponsors. Also, each of us can start praying against them and pray them out of business. Let's tear down this apparent stronghold of Satan by prayer and get rid of this American-wide television network once and for all.

"We are all in the same garden
I hope you are not eating from the wrong tree"
- Justin Holland

What's the history of this network so I can inform my congregation?

It appears ion tv dropped it's overnight programming from The Worship Network, which had been airing late nights on the network since its launch in August 1998. On January 29, 2007, the network changed its name again, to the current ION Television.

ION tv now shows movies from CBS Television, NBC Universal, RHI Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Twentieth Television and Warner Bros., among others. And the profanity using God's name and/or Jesus' name in vain is not blocked out when these movies are shown. This is very offensive, and, in my opinion, morally harmful to our society. So, let's take action whether you get their programming via cable or by rabbit ears.

Unless we rely on God's power within us
we will yield to the pressures around us

I want to contact them and tell them what I think. How do I contact this inconsiderate bunch?

You can contact them via their website at:


or, you can postal write to them or telephone them at:

Sacramento-Modesto - KSPX TV-29
3352 Mather Field Rd
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Phone: 916-368-2929

Los Angeles - KPXN TV-30
2600 Olive Ave. Suite 900
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: 818-563-1005

The call is higher
Than the fall

Where are their stations located?



Local Station State Call Letters Channel
Boston-New Hampshire-Cape Cod MA WPXG 21
Atlanta GA WPXA 14
Salt Lake City UT KUPX 16
Greensboro NC WGPX 16
Jacksonville GA WPXC 21
Louisville KY WBNA 21
Portland - OR OR KPXG 22
Cleveland OH WVPX 23
San Antonio TX KPXL 26
Hartford-New Haven CT WHPX 26
Nashville TN WNPX 28
Sacramento-Modesto CA KSPX 29
Charleston-Huntington WV WLPX 29
Los Angeles CA KPXN 30
Detroit MI WPXD 31
New York NY WPXN 31
Boston (Manchester) MA WBPX 32
Seattle-Tacoma WA KWPX 33
Spokane WA KGPX 34
Miami FL WPXM 35
Greenville NC WPXU 35
Greenville NC WEPX 38
Chicago IL WCPX 38
Roanoke-Lynchburg VA WPXR 38
Des Moines IA KFPX 39
Minneapolis-St.Paul MN KPXM 41
Grand Rapids MI WZPX 43
Tulsa OK KTPX 44
Birmingham AL WPXH 44
Wausau WI WTPX 46
Raleigh-Durham NC WRPX 47
Cedar Rapids IA KPXR 48
Norfolk VA WPXV 49
New Orleans LA WPXL 49
Houston TX KPXB 49
Memphis TN WPXX 50
Kansas City MO KPXE 50
Buffalo NY WPXJ 51
Phoenix AZ KPPX 51
Knoxville TN WPXK 54
Milwaukee WI WPXE 55
Albany NY WYPX 55
Orlando FL WOPX 56
Syracuse NY WSPX 56
Boston-Vineyard Haven MA WDPX 58
Denver CO KPXC 59
Washington D.C. WV WWPX 60
Philadelphia PA WPPX 61
Oklahoma City OK KOPX 62
Fayetteville NC WFPX 62
Indianapolis IN WIPX 63
Wilkes-Barre-Scranton PA WQPX 64
San Francisco-Oak-SanJose CA KKPX 65
Honolulu HI KPXO 66
Washington D.C. VA WPXW 66
Tampa-St.Pete-Sarasota FL WXPX 66
West Palm Beach-Ft.Pierce FL WPXP 67
Lexington KY WUPX 67
Dallas TX KPXD 68
Providence-New Bedford CT WPXQ 69

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Kraig J. Rice
Bread On The Waters (BOW)

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August 22, 2009