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Some Selected Articles Scanned From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

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Kraig J. Rice
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On this web page are 2 scanned Pentecostal Evangel Magazines. Please click on the links below to go to the article that you want to read. Please allow a little time for your browser to load these large files. Each page must be showing completely before you can download it successfully:-)

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List of Articles in these 2 Evangels:
Christ's Gifts To His Church (modern apostles?) Stones With Meaning (reference points)
Overcoming Adversity (good advice) What's In Your House? (article)
God Can Forgive You (1 of my favorites) God's Romance (of you)
Burkina Faso (Africa missions) A Call To The Inner City (home missions)
Following God's Call (Etienne Zongo) Betrayed By God?
Fulfilling A Dream (africa missions) Too Busy For A Brain Tumor (healing)
Ministries To Homosexuals Then Comes The Harvest (Equatorial Guinea Missions)
Intercession (poem) Circuit-riding Preacher (article)
When Families Are Hurting (Highlands Home) Testimony of Healing (migraine headaches)
About Ethics In Business Sea and Spirit (declaration)

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