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Some Selected Articles Scanned From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

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On this web page are 2 scanned Pentecostal Evangel Magazines. Please click on the links below to go to the article that you want to read. Please allow a little time for your browser to load these large files. Each page must be showing completely before you can download it successfully:-)

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List of Articles in these 2 Evangels:
Be A Part of God's Family also Living the War (Up With Peace and Freedom)
Making Family Time Count (positive tips) Why Are You Angry? (how to deal with anger)
It's The Child Who Pays (do parenting the right way) War Over Iraq (Operation Desert Storm)
It All Begins With Values (George Bush- 1990) What Does It Mean? (the last days are here)
Single Parent (how to cope) About Alice Reynolds Flower
Helping the Angry Child (good tips) 4 Poems by Alice Reynolds Flower
Ministering To Those With AIDS (get involved) Acting Righteous or Acting Right (article)
A Christ Honoring Home (poem) Praying Through Opposition (don't quit)
Revival In The Persian Gulf (chaplains) Pray For Our Chaplains (then and now)
First Impressions (how to witness) A Stranger in Bangkok (Thailand Missions)
Like A Roaring Lion (be on guard against Satan) The Case For the Child (child evangelism)
Why Should I Quit Smoking? (deliverance article) Books For You to Buy and Read

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