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Some Selected Articles Scanned From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

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On this web page are 2 scanned Pentecostal Evangel Magazines. Please click on the links below to go to the article that you want to read. Please allow a little time for your browser to load these large files. Each page must be showing completely before you can download it successfully:-)

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List of Articles in these 2 Evangels:
A Prayer Covenant For You (you willing) My Daily Prayer
10 Steps To Success In Soul Winning Revisit Your Salvation Experience
Communicating The Message To Our Culture Psalm 49 The True Riches
Grace For Every Race (salvation 4 the world) The Rapture and Our Coming Change
How To Lead Someone To Jesus Christ Last Days Signs
About Missionaries And Their Sacrifices Divine Guidance (part 3) (article)
Revival= Evangelism (artwork) China Missions (several articles)
Snoring In The Garden (evangelism by you is important) Revelation Is Needed To Understand God's Word
Ranchers and Farmers Can Help The Assemblies Of God How To Bond With Your Child

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