Bread On The Waters (BOW)

A Football Superbowl Sports Edition Evangel from 2001
The Art of Collecting Sports Cards
The Fun Of Riding A Vespa Motor Scooter
How To Reload Your Own (Hunting) Ammunition
Help In Playing The Hunting Unlimited Games (PC)

Lots of Articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

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There are 3 sports articles in this Evangel including:
       About Mickey Mantle (New York Yankees);
       About Sergio Salgado (Chilean soccer player);
       Running The Race of Life (article)

          These 3 sports articles come from Guideposts: Treasury of Faith.
          Featured are Jackie Robinson, Tony Conigliaro, and Bart Starr.
          I now quote these articles:

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February 8, 2010