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The title of this book is "Guideposts Treasury of Faith." There are various authors. The total articles are not here, only selected ones. The book does not have a restrictive copyright. My appreciation to Guideposts and Doubleday Publishing for their work and efforts in sharing this book. The contents of this book may minister to and enrich the lives of others.

Life is 10% what happens to you
and 90% of how you respond to it

TABLE OF CONTENTS (by category)
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A Testimony of Salvation (prison) A Testimony of Salvation (communism)
Sports (Jackie Robinson) Christian Living (Sal F. Lazzarotti)
Rev. David Wilkerson (John L. Sherrill) Humor (Bob Hope)
Sports (Bart Starr) Emotions (Arthur Gordon)
Education (Eleanor Armstrong) Family (Mrs. Billy Graham)
Family (David R. Mace) Education (Linda Diane Marshall)
Music (Linda Lockwood) Sports (Tony Conigliaro)
Testimony of Healing (memories) Testimony of Healing (Arthur Godfrey)
Testimony of Healing (Paul Tournier) Testimony of God's Guidance (Carol Balizet)
Testimony of God's Guidance (Maurice Ruddick) Test. God's Guidance (James O. Gabrielle)
Testimony of God's Guidance (Ernest M. Snyder) Test. God's Guidance (Dick Sullivan)
Test. God's Guidance (Mrs. Lowell Thomas, Jr.) Testimony of God's Guidance (Beth Black)
Testimony of God's Guidance (Chase Walker) Christian Living (Charlotte L. Dulcie)
Love (Mary Bartels) Humor (Catherine Marshall)
Prayer (for older people) Love (E. Stanley Jones)
Missions (Elizabeth Sherrill) Christian Living (Thomas A. Dooley)
Missions (Brother Andrew) History - Space (Frank Borman)
Testimony of God's Guidance (Betty Bothwell) Test. God's Guidance (S. Ralph Harlow)
Testimony of Healing (Everett McKinley Dirksen) Poem (If He Came To Your House)
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