Is Missionary Bottle Evangelism Work For You?

written by Kraig Josiah Rice

The burning question is: Is the ministry of missionary bottle evangelism for everyone? The answer is no. It takes a special person who does not mind waiting for his missionary bottles to land- and this sometimes takes years. So he or she does not see any immediate results from his labors. This special person must also have a love for the Word of God. This special person must be so inclined to use literature evangelism as a tool to reach out with God's Word to the masses of people who are lost. Finally, that person must have an evangelist's heart with a burden to reach the lost. He or she must actually care and have a desire to do something about their lost condition. This special person must have faith in Christ to trust Him to bring fruit from his labors out of time if need be. He must truly believe that God the Holy Spirit will work thru His Word for the purpose of evangelism. To give you an example here is an article worth reading:

The following information appeared in the Bible Tract Bulletin, the September 1987 issue newsletter of Bible Tracts, Inc. directed my evangelist Paul Levin and his wife, Dorothy.

"Dear Friends: Dr. Wayne Van G., Sr., told me by phone last June that he had just returned from Burma, where he met a native pastor, Goza Chan. Twenty years ago, Brother Chan, then a liberal Baptist pastor, was saved after reading our 'New Birth' tract. Since then, God has used him to establish 100 independent Baptist churches, with a total of 22,000 converts!

Note several things about this report:

1. We didn't know about Mr. Chan's conversion until 20 years after he was saved. So don't ever get discouraged because you may not see 'results' from your tract distribution. Only God knows how that tract will be used- and when- maybe after you've gone on to Heaven! Since God notices a sparrow that falls, you can be sure He also sees every tract as it makes its way over land, sea, and air, even to other continents as 'The New Birth' tract did to reach Mr. Chan.

2. Don't give up hope as you witness and pray for others.

3. Note how God multiplied the sowing of that one tract. God is in the multiplication business! Trust Him to use you and to use the tracts you distribute. Every faithful believer will be rewarded for his or her faithful service. You may not be rewarded for his or her faithful service. You may not be rewarded or honored in this life, and if not, remember that 'God will not forget your labor of love' and you will be rewarded in due time. Gratefully, Paul & Dorothy Lavin."

My challenge to you- If you think you are the right person for God to use in this field of missionary bottle evangelism, then I pray you get busy and start working for Him as soon as possible. The harvest field is ready to harvest, the laborers are few, and time is running out!