The Conclusion of Our Missionary Bottles

written by Kraig Josiah Rice

Campaign #2 was launched on November 6, 1981, from the boat named the Lorraine W. We left from Bodega Bay, California and launched 20,000 missionary bottles into the Japanese Current approximately 50 miles from shore.

Campaign #3 was launched on November 2, 1982, containing 7,709 missionary bottles. The loading of the Lorraine W. took place at the Sea K Fish Company in Sausalito, California. These missionary bottles were launched approximately 50 miles at sea. There were no "immediate" testimonies in regard to the missionary bottles launched in Campaigns #2 and #3.

Here is another testimony sent to us from a girl in the Philippines. One Filipino fisherman, a Mr. Daganio, in Eastern Samar, found a missionary bottle in 1980 that had been launched from Campaign #1. His daughter, Eufrosina, began writing to us. She told us that her father had received the Word of God but refused to repent. Then in another letter she said her father had received a second missionary bottle shortly thereafter but refused to repent again.

I immediately sent off a letter to her instructing her to tell her father that he must repent immediately or else some terrible calamity would surely befall him since God had gone to all the trouble to make sure he had found two of the bottles. No sooner had I sent the letter to her than I received one from her, "You know when my father found the bottle, the people in our barrio (village) keep on asking why is it that my father is only the one who found the bottle in the sea. But now my father cannot find any more bottles in the sea because on February 5, 1981, my father went to the sea to catch fish because at that time we had no food and that is why he went. On the sea as my father was catching fish, suddenly there was a very big typhoon. My father was four days in the sea. The boat was destroyed. He kept on praying to our Lord Jesus Christ to save his life. Later on, God answered his prayers and saved the life of my father, but the boat was lost." the letter was dated February 16, 1981.

In another letter dated June 20, 1981, she sent me this good news, "Yes, my father became a Christian �. I tell you that some people in our barrio became Christians because I gave them the gospel booklets in the Waray dialect. Praise God."

I share these things with you that you might also enjoy the salvation experience and then the experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4. As the encounters with the living God happened to me they can also happen to you in a similar manner. It is a privilege and joy in working for Him, serving Him, living for Him, fighting Satan with Him, and telling others the good news that Jesus Christ died for them on the cross (in their place out of His love for them) to forgive them of their sins. I challenge and encourage you if God so lays it upon your heart to begin your own missionary bottle evangelism ministry in order to reach out with the Word of God to the billions of people who have never heard of Jesus Christ one time.

I challenge each believer in Christ Jesus, who is called by God to launch missionary bottles, to do so. You can have testimonies of your own, just like these, and you can win many souls to Christ if you begin your own missionary bottle evangelism work. I am sure God will help you and bless you as you go about His work and do His will. So, I challenge you to get involved so your can receive testimonies from people hungry for the Lord's Gospel who have accepted Him due to your own missionary bottle evangelism efforts.

Our family motto is the same as the old Christian addage, "My life as a Christian is the only Bible some people will ever read. God's reputation is at stake in my life. I want to maintain it not stain it!" Cordially, Mr. Kraig Rice.

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