The Story of Bread On The Waters (BOW)

written by Kraig Josiah Rice

Here is the story of Bread On The Waters. I know more about this ministry because I am the founder of it. We have not launched any missionary bottles since 1982, but by the end of that year we had launched a total of 72,000. To God be the glory! Many bottle finders were blessed, and Graton Assembly of God Church (now named: Country Assembly) in Northern California was blessed as testimony letters were read to the congregation around that time. A barrel or two was set up in the rear of the church sanctuary so church folks could bring clothes and place them there. Then the clothes was boxed and shipped via sea mail to overseas poor believers. We also shipped Bibles and New Testaments, and other things. I believe everyone who helped in these activities felt good as they took an active personal part in missionary work.

This information on Bread On The Waters finishes the international record for the six major missionary bottle evangelism ministries of the 20th Century.

Corporate Information: We were first incorporated as a Calif. non-profit corporation under the name Maranatha Gospel Bottle Crusade in 1984. Then we changed our name to Maranatha Evangelism Ministries. Then we changed our name to Current Evangelism Ministries. Then we changed our name again to Bread On The Waters (BOW) and this is the name that we currently have. Incorporation allows us to give a tax deductible receipt to anyone who donates to our ministry.

  • The Reason I Started This Ministry
    The harvest field is truly ripe and there are people waiting to hear the good news of the gospel for the first time.

  • Our First Missionary Bottles

  • My Early Ministry Beginnings

  • Current Miracles

  • Conclusion

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