by Kraig Josiah Rice

(Note: My ministry had these paper leaflets printed out by the thousands. Then we placed one of these leaflets inside of every missionary bottle that we launched into the ocean). I recommend that you do the same thing or something similar when you float your bottles.


Hi! You may be deliciously surprised upon finding this message in a bottle. We have put it here on purpose to tell you about Jesus Christ and the fact that He is God. Jesus Christ is the only way you can be saved and know peace in your heart and have your sins washed away. We have asked God the Holy Spirit to pilot this bottle directly to the location where He wants it to go so you will find it and receive His precious Word. He has chosen you to become His. Please write us (no matter how long this bottle has floated) and we may be able to send you a Bible free and also send you a Bible learning course free in your own language dialect. Please let us know where and when the bottle was found and tell us something about yourself and about your family. Please let us know what dialect or language you speak.

Jesus Loves You!

About two thousand years ago God left His home in Heaven among the stars and came to earth. He was born as a man but also remained God at the same time. An angel instructed his parents to name him Jesus. He existed here on earth as the personification of pure love and helped people in every way imaginable. But His major accomplishment on this earth was to die as a sacrifice and redeem people from the power of sin through the shedding of His blood. He died and then three days later He resurrected from the grave and is still alive today. He is spirit and must be worshipped in spirit and in truth and He is the only way one can get to God to live in paradise in Heaven after this earthly life is over.

Beauty, intelligence, and money are the three things most valued by the world by spiritually ignorant people but God loves you for who you are. God loves you if you have no money (Luke 16); God loves you no matter if your face or body is attractive or not; God loves you if you are sick or if you are a leper and have portions of your body missing; God loves you if you are not intelligent or know how to read or not; God loves you if you do not have employment. His love for you is unconditional. You are special to Him and He loves you just for who you are. God places a very high value on you. You should accept and love yourself, and then you should love and help others. God says you as a person have dignity and worth and to prove it to you He died a painful and agonizing death by crucifixion in your place on a cross many years ago.

Jesus Christ Died on the Cross to Forgive You of Your Sins

But there is one thing inside of you (in your heart) that God does not love. God says that something like a poisonous snake called sin is living in your heart. It makes you do evil things. (Numbers 21:9, John 12: 32). The Bible says that each of us has sinned, "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). There is no way you can in your own power get rid of that "snake" living in your heart but you can ask Jesus Christ, who is God, to take it away and He will do it. This act is called repentance. That means to confess your sins and wrongs with sorrow to God and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and turn from them to living for God. (Luke 15: 7). Then Jesus will literally take out of your heart the "poisonous snake" (sin nature from Adam) that lives there and put love in its place by putting Himself there. God is love and He comes to live in your heart when you invite Him to. This experience is known as being saved or being born again (John 3: 3). After you invite Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart please destroy the idols you have been worshipping (because this is worshipping Satan, the evil enemy of God) and please put away any wickedness from you that God would not approve of. When God lives in your heart you have fellowship with Him and become a son or daughter of God by adoption (Romans 8: 12-17). You have great worth and should never think less of yourself than God thinks of you.

God Will Change Your Life

These are some of the benefits God will give you if you invite Him to come and live in your heart Peace in your heart, a conscience clear of guilt, your sins forgiven, a reason for living, and eternal life. Jesus Christ will change your heart and you must help Him change your lifestyle. Unlimited joy will be yours.

The Consequences of Rejecting Christ

The result of not inviting Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart (rejecting God, His love, and God's plan of salvation) means you will die in your sins and be thrown into a lake of fire called Hell to suffer eternal torment forever and forever (Mark 9: 44). This will happen to you after you die. Remember, not to accept Him is to reject Him.

To Accept Jesus Please Pray This Prayer (In Sincerity)

Dear Heavenly Father, I have sinned against You and I am sorry for it. I now confess my sins to You and ask You to forgive them. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross in my place, that He is the divine Son of God and only way to Heaven, that He died for me on the cross and resurrected from the grave and is alive now, and ask You right now to forgive me of my sins and come and live in my heart. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray this. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer and just invited Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart due to the influence of this leaflet I want you to sign your name and date on the line below and then let me know by writing to the address below: We will rejoice together.

My name and address _______________________
The date Jesus came to live in my heart _________________________

In His Service

This Missionary bottle is given to you courtesy of (each individual, church youth group, or church should place their name and address here so missionary bottle finders can write to you)

Date this bottle floated___________________
Campaign #____________________________

from (location) _________________________

by (name of church and address)__________

If this leaflet has helped you or been a blessing to you please email us and let us know. We will rejoice together. Also please let us know of any letters you received from the floating of any of your own missionary bottles. We may be able to help with some of the follow-up.

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