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(Some of these articles are found in the Pentecostal Evangel magazine)

Mother's Day

Mary, the mother of Jesus
This Evangel contains several Mother's Day stories
This Evangel is a Mother's Day issue
Today's Pentecostal Evangel online website has a Mother's Day article

Father's Day

  • Father's Day articles

  • He Was My Daddy- an article by Sam Balius

  • A Father's Love- an article (about sin) by Avi Snyder

    A Pentecostal Evangel on Father's Day (several articles)

    A Pentecostal Evangel on Father's Day (several articles)


  • Getting A Handle On Holiday Stress article
  • Christmas Thief article
  • No Christmas Without Him article
  • Hanging A Wreath At Christmas poem
  • Various Christmas articles online (Pentecostal Evangel Magazine)
  • Persecuted at Christmas in Russia
  • This Evangel contains several Christmas stories (on this BOW website)
    So does this one
    So does this one


  • Halloween Page


    Thanksgiving Articles Page
    Everyday Is Thanksgiving Day poem
    I Give Thee Humble Thanks poem


    An article on the resurrection of Jesus Christ
    Celebrate Christ's resurrection in artwork form
    Why Jesus Christ is different from other religious founders
    Christology- this work has a section on Christ's resurrection

    Miscellaneous Articles On Special Occasions:

    A booklet on baby dedication by C. M. Ward

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    An Easter and a Christmas Evangel (at this web page)
    There is an Easter article on the resurrection in this Evangel
    There are several Thanksgiving articles in this Evangel

    July 5, 2007