Kraig Josiah Rice
Bread On The Waters (BOW)



Old and New Testament People

  • Jeremiah- 3 Scriptures in regards to his persecution
  • Nadab and Abihu offered "strange fire"
  • Elijah's Persecution
  • Jotham's curse
  • Elisha- calls down an imprecatory prayer on his persecutors
  • Balaam (who loved money)
  • The fate of Judas Iscariot
  • Paul the Apostle uses spiritual power
  • Sons of Sceva were unsaved
  • The Apostle Peter uses spiritual power
  • An article mentioning the 2 thieves crucified with Jesus
  • Some who were forgiven and some who weren't
  • Abraham
  • Jesus, Daniel, Achan, Joshua, & Samuel
  • Mary and Joseph

  • Let's Remember Joseph, Mary's Husband (article by David Buttram)
  • See "A Man Called Joe" article on Joseph
  • Where Should We Put Mary? By John Witmer

    King Saul

  • The Sin Problems of King Saul and King David
  • King Saul's oath

    Ananias and Sapphira

  • Ananias and Sapphira article by David Buttram
  • Ananias and Sapphira paragraph by Kraig Rice

    Some People Not Mentioned in the Bible

  • John Newton
  • John Milton
  • Fanny Crosby
  • William Cowper
  • Hudson Taylor
  • Charles G. Finney
  • Bible People Mentioned in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

    King Jeroboam (Wicked king of the northern kingdom of Israel)
    Misunderstanding What God is Doing (Job)
    3 articles in this Evangel
          on Jacob, Jochebed (the mother of Moses), and Obadiah (a brief commentary)
    The Rich Man and Lazarus article in this Evangel
    An article on Moses in this Evangel
    An article on Judas Iscariot in this Evangel
    Jairus and also King Josiah in these Evangels
    Elijah and Elisha in an article titled "Transferring The Mantle"

    Bible People Mentioned in Books:

    Cyril J. Barber wrote a book titled "God Has the Your Problems"
    Here are the bible folks mentioned in great detail in his book:
    Barnabas (the encourager), Gaius, Ittai, Moses, Nathaniel (one of Christ's apostles), James the Lord's brother (resurrection), Enoch (never died), Caleb, Achan (the sin of Achan), Ananias (of Damascus), John Mark (the gospel of Mark author), Absalom (King David's son), Jephthah (the vow of Jephthah).

    Cyril J. Barber wrote a book titled "Vital Encounter"
    Here are the bible folks mentioned in great detail in his book:
    John the Baptist, Nicodemus, the woman of Samaria (the woman at the well), Martha (of Bethany), Lazarus (of Bethany), Mary (of Bethany), Judas Iscariot (the betrayer), Caiaphas (the high priest), Pontius Pilate, Thomas (the apostle), Mary Magdalene, and John (the apostle).

    A close look at the patriarch, Abraham, in Cyril J. Barber's book

    Several bible folks mentioned in Tenney's commentary. Take a look

    J. G. Hall mentioned Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Job, Joseph, and Moses in his book

    How archaeology proves the bible to be genuine (names of many bible folks)



    August 4, 2007