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Many folks you witness to may tell you the Bible is just another book. They may tell you that it is full of errors or full of myths. They may tell you that it is not inspired or that the wrong books are in it. But are their criticisms based on factual study or just their opinion to back up their rebellious lifestyle? Lessons 3 through 7 should help you answer these questions.

The Living Word Curriculum

Perhaps one of the most popular Bible teaching helps in times past was:
What's Your Answer?
The Living Word Curriculum
A teaching and discussion guide for use with the book titled
Who Says? by Fritz Ridenour
published by Gospel Light in Glendale, California, in 1968

It's sad for me to say that this book and teaching course has gone the way of the dinosour- in other words, it has gone extinct. And this material is no longer easy to find. However, I am sharing it with you here because bibliology (the study of the Bible) is very important.

The Bible may be old
but its truths are always new

Links to Lessons 3 through 7

I have placed Lessons 3 through 7 on five additional web pages due to the large volume of information. You can follow these links to each of the 5 teaching lessons so you can have all 5 lessons. Feel free to read this information, quote it, download it, use it to teach your students, or send it to others. The important thing is to shape our young people's minds in knowing the truth about the Bible.

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Lesson 7

Answers To Some of the Questions

Study about the Bible with ICI (Lesson One)

The Authenticity of the Bible

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Bread On The Waters (BOW)

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