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Information About the Bible (page 1)
      The story of our Bible
Information About the Bible (page 2)
      How we got the New Testament
An Index to Biblical MAPS
      of the Old and New Testament
The Bible is our only authority
      (Checking Our Foundations Article)
How To Study the Bible Test your knowledge of the Bible
God's Infallible Word (a book) A Harmony of the Gospels
Where To Look In The Bible
      (when you need answers)
The Book of Revelation
      (Chapters 1 through 4)
The Book of Revelation
      (Chapters 5 through 13)
The Book of Revelation
      (Chapters 14 through 22)
John Three Sixteen (article) The Promises of God
A Time Line of Biblical History David Cook Pix Bible Comics
More articles about the Bible
      From the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine.
The Believer's Identity in Christ
      (The assurance of the believer)
Links to free ICI bible correspondence courses
      If you want to study the Holy Bible online
then this is the place to go to.
Has the Bible been corrupted?
      This is a booklet written to Muslims
but the truth is relevent.
The Battle Bow Bible Teaching Series Healing Scriptures
Proofs That The Bible Is True Christ's Resurrection in artwork form
What is biblical love? BOW Index of Books (free download)
More Proofs That The Bible Is True Principles of Interpreting the Bible

Lots of Articles on the Bible in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

Check out the articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s)
Browse through the article(s) list to find what you are after:-)

There are several Bible articles in these Evangels including:
      Make Bible Study a Priority; The Powerful Gospel;
      The Bible: Infallible and Inerrant

Bible Commentaries:
(Including Henry Halley's Bible Commentary)

01. Genesis Commentary (page 1) 01. Genesis Commentary (page 2)
02. Exodus Commentary 03. Leviticus Commentary
04. Numbers Commentary 05. Deuteronomy Commentary
06. Joshua Commentary 07. Judges Commentary
08. Ruth Commentary  
09. First Samuel Commentary 10. Second Samuel Commentary
11. First Kings Commentary 12. Second Kings Commentary
13. First Chronicles Commentary 14. Second Chronicles Commentary
15. Ezra Commentary 16. Nehemiah Commentary
17. Esther Commentary 18. Job Commentary
19. Psalms Commentary 20. Proverbs Commentary
21. Ecclesiastes Commentary 22. Song of Solomon Commentary
23. Isaiah Commentary 24. Jeremiah Commentary
25. Lamentations Commentary 26. Ezekiel Commentary
27. Daniel Commentary 28. Hosea Commentary
29. Joel Commentary 30. Amos Commentary
31. Obadiah Commentary 32. Jonah Commentary
33. Micah Commentary 34. Nahum Commentary
35. Habakkuk Commentary 36. Zephaniah Commentary
37. Haggai Commentary 38. Zechariah Commentary
39. Malachi Commentary 40. Gospel of Matthew Commentary
41. Gospel of Mark Commentary 42. Gospel of Luke Commentary
43. Gospel of John Commentary 44. Acts Commentary
45. Romans Commentary 46. First Corinthians Commentary
47. Second Corinthians Commentary 48. Galatians Commentary
49. Ephesians Commentary 50. Philippians Commentary
51. Colossians Commentary 52. First Thessalonians Commentary
53. Second Thessalonians 54. First Timothy Commentary
55. Second Timothy Commentary 56. Titus Commentary
57. Philemon Commentary 58. Hebrews Commentary
59. James Commentary 60. First Peter Commentary
61. Second Peter Commentary 62. First John Commentary
63. Second John Commentary 64. Third John Commentary
65. Jude Commentary 66. Revelation Commentary

Books On the Bible You Might Be Interested In

Henry Halley's Bible Commentary

Bible Commentary book on the Gospel of John by Merrill C. Tenney

W. Phillip Keller's book "A Layman Looks at the Lamb of God"
    (why Jesus Christ IS the Lamb of God).

W. Phillip Keller's book "A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer"
    (an in depth biblical exposition of the Lord's Prayer).

W. Phillip Keller's book "A Layman Looks at the Love of God"
    (an in depth biblical exposition of First Corinthians Chapter 13).

W. Phillip Keller's book "As A Tree Grows"
    Reflections on growing in the image of Christ

Cyril J. Barber's book "God Has the Your Problems"
    13 bible individuals looked at carefully.

Cyril J. Barber's book "Vital Encounter"
    12 bible individuals looked at carefully.

Hall's book about the 7 Bible dispensations of time

Bible Quiz Book (free to download) by Dan Carlinsky

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  • Youth Sunday School Literature Scanned (for downloading)

  • Adult Sunday School Literature Scanned (for downloading)



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