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Evangelistic Christian Literature in the Hebrew language

God loves the Jewish people of the world and wants them converted to Christ. Let's try every way we can to reach them with the gospel of Christ.

You may live in a country outside of the United States and not read and write the English language as well as you think you should. If that is the case then this web page may help you find gospel resources in your own language.

Here are a few links to evangelistic literature in the Hebrew language:
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David Wilkerson's sermons in Hebrew (World Challenge) Times Square Church in New York

The Four Spiritual Laws explains God's plan of salvation in Hebrew

Hebrew Gospel Resources

Thru the Bible
Thru the Bible, the classic five-year radio Bible study with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, is broadcast daily on the internet in Hebrew. Listen to their daily Internet broadcast:

A Hebrew Bible

Some Gospel tracts in Hebrew

A Hebrew Tract from Lifegate, Inc.

Chick Publications has several gospel booklets available in Hebrew

Evangelism Booklets by World Missionary Press

World Missionary Press has one tract booklet for Christians to distribute to those who are lost who read Hebrew. You can view it at their website at www.wmpress.org
and please remember to include a generous financial contribution to them when ordering their booklets for their most important missions work as they are a faith based work and depend on the gifts of God's children to help them continue their work for Christ. All of their booklets are copywrited so please order from them rather than printing your own.

Wings Over Zion (in Hebrew)

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