A Selection Of Some of Kraig's Favorite Links
by Kraig Josiah Rice

Note- clicking on the following links will take you off of the BOW website so be sure to bookmark or add to your favorites this page before you click on the following links so you can return here in the future:-)

Here are links to some free Downloads for every Christian's library:

Intro and Outline
An Introduction and Outline for every book of the Bible.

Matthew Henry's Commentary- (This is a devotional commentary- not an exegetical or popular commentary

The Gospel Comic Book- the New Testament only

The Book of Josephus

Barnes' Notes on the New Testament- an exegetical commentary on the New Testament

Free Books to Downloads on Cults and False Religions

Some free gospel literature downloads

F. J. Huegel's book "Bone Of His Bone"

Note: I personally have dealt with each of these ministries. Each one has been honest in it's dealings with me and I recommend you help pray for and financially support each one as the Lord leads you...

American Bible Society
(You can purchase a gospel portion entitled "The Water" to place inside each of your missionary bottles)

Bethany University (Assemblies of God) (Santa Cruz, Calif.)

Chick Publications
(a nice selection of "comic book" tracts for purchase)

International Correspondence Institute (ICI) at Global University
(Bible courses available by postal mail- study at home to be an Assemblies of God minister)

Last Days Ministries
(download free tracts or purchase them)

Missionary Aviation Fellowship
MAF's web hosting links to its churches, ministries, and missions

Saints Alive (Cult Busters)
(one of the rare ministries where you can purchase apologetic books on freemasonry)

Sowers Of Seed (SOS)
(tract booklets and tracts for purchase covering most all topics)

Thru The Bible Radio With J. Vernon McGee
(study the Bible via radio). Rev. McGee's popular commentary (6 volume set) is available for purchase in book form or also on computer disk.

World Missionary Press (WMP)
(tract booklets for purchase covering most all topics)

Gospel Tract Society
They have many tracts for you. Also they have some back issues free of their
Harvester Magazine Newsletter in pdf file format for printing.

never tires
of our asking

  • Statement of Beliefs of the Assemblies of God
    The statement of beliefs of Bread On The Waters (BOW) is the same as the Assemblies of God.
    Please click on the link if you want to view or study these beliefs.

    Lots of Articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):

    Check out the articles in the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s)
    Browse through the article(s) list to find what you are after:-)

    Here is a selection of Traded links to explore for the fun of it...

    The way this works is that they send me their link and I post it here and in return I send them my link and they post it on their website. I like to do this. I think it is fun and it helps everyone... Note- be sure to bookmark this page before you click on the following links so you can return here in the future.

    Traded Links

    Amazing Grace Circuit Church
    This web site belongs to my friend, Rev. Richard Hawkins

    Ron T. Beck
    This web site belongs to my friend, Dr. Ronald T. Beck

    Dr. Beck has a book for you to purchase from the publisher called Run To Jesus. It is published by Xulon Press (xulonpress.com). What's it about?
    Abused by family members or abused by others when one is a child makes one a bruised reed. How is a bruised reed to act today? The way a bruised reed acts today, because of childhood hurts, can be unkind and can be unchristian. But by running to Jesus, a bruised reed can ask Jesus for His help to live His life through him or her. This makes one's life more like Jesus. Dr. Beck teaches bruised reeds how to run to Jesus. It's a book on Christian Living. Add it to your library today.


    Fish the Net - Online Evangelism

    click here for Anointed Christian Links - each with a jar of 
anointing oil

    Christ Art (free clipart)

    Free Easter Religious Ecards From 123Greetings.com
    Reach out to your friends/ family/ dear ones on this blessed occasion with our beautiful Easter Religious ecards.

    "For Ministry" Web Site

    Christian Top Sites
    Christian Top Sites

    Add a free flaming text animation that you make to your website

    Free Vector Clipart for your web site


    Click here to visit Bible Believers Art

    Crossway Christian ISP & Christian Resource Center

    Crossway Christian ISP & Christian Resource Center. Family Friendly ISP- Includes free Internet filter, parental controls, popup blocker,spam filtering. Antivirus. Customizable Christian portal Christian & Family Friendly content. 27,000 dial-up numbers; Free Website Creator, christian fundraising, and Christian Forums.


    Search for
    Search for anything Christian. Be specific.

    Free Christian animations and clipart from the Whytehouse

    Gospel Gifts free Christian clipart and animations

    Get all the Animations you need for your web pages and emails at
    Free Animations
    And it's all FREE!

    More free Animations for your web pages and emails at
    Animation Buddy


    Bill Witkze preaches the salvation message

    On the BOW Website

    Self Improvement Our American Christian Forefathers
    Article About God A Father's Example
    The Value of Serving God Serving As A Good Example
    Money Making Principles


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