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Where Is God When You Are Suffering?
Why Did This Happen To Me?

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Articles on Trials, Problems, and Suffering

God Is Waiting article You grow in the valley
Can your faith take it? This Thing Is From Me
A little story about how bad sin really is Sex And Singles Article
How To Survive A Job's Trial More Than Conquerors (Spiritual Warfare)
Demonology Our Throne Rights article
Carl's Garden (A persecution story) Persecution (how to cope)
Persevere. Don't Quit A Bible Study About Miracles
Testimonies Self Worth Article
Facing The Future article Christ works miracles today
Ministerial Encouragement Encouragement For A Suffering Christian
You Are The Prize 7 I Wills
Overcoming Opposition article Dave Dravecky's "Be Real" article
The Problem of Suffering Trials can help purify us
Jesus Understands Your Suffering article How To Handle Persecution

Help When You Are Hurting
Several articles in Today's Pentecostal Evangel (TPE) Magazine (of the Assemblies of God) to help you when you are hurting and need some answers.

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Problems, natural disasters, sin, persecution, and Physical Death

A Testimony of how one healed from repressed painful childhood memories

Immoral sex and other acts of rebellion against God can de-rail one from a pathway of obedience to God and may bring on a trial. This trial is sent from a loving Father to help one see the error of his or her way and help them get back into fellowship with Him.

A Bible Study About the trial of your faith
We all go through trials from time to time. Some are harder than others. Do you know how to get through a trial of your faith? Learn what the Word of God has to say about your trial and the best way to make you a conqueror through it.

Using Your God Given Authority
When Satan comes in like a flood against you then lift up the blood stained banner of Jesus Christ against him.

A Bible Study About Overcoming Discouragement
We all seem to get discouraged from time to time, but what does God have to say about it in a positive sence? You can overcome it. Learn how to do it...

Follow your destiny
God honors your faithfulness...

Where To Look In The Bible (when you need answers)

The Example of Martyrs by Dr. Muriel Larson

Soviet Torturer Decorated article by Richard Wurmbrand
Before the Berlin wall came down

(maybe you will find your answer in these articles)

Some TPE articles on "why did this happen?"

Can you trust God in spite of your tragedy?

Will you keep your faith and integrity in God when you don't understand
     the "why" of your adverse circumstances?
     Job did...

TPE articles on grief and grieving

Articles from the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine(s):
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Articles on a Christian's Trial(s)

Poems Dealing With Suffering

No One Knows- But Jesus

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Shared with you by
Kraig Josiah Rice


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